Best dual flush toilets on the market

Many people are acquiring dual flush toilets considering its environmentally friendly features. Dual flush toilets allow you to control the amount of water you use while flushing your waste. This can be a real boon for the environment, especially when the roofing apprentice takes 5 dumps a day! So with the dual flush toilets you can actually save water! Just imagine how many times a day you use your toilet! And every time you flush, you are using up gallons of water! And no doubt you are harming the environment. With people dying of shortage of water, it’s important for people like us who have constant access to water, that we save it. Our small step towards saving water can help many lives. With single flush toilets, it is difficult to differentiate the use of water for liquid and solid waste. Liquid waste needs a lesser amount of water to flush it away than solid waste.

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Dual flush toilets can really help in this. Dual flush toilets come with a feature of controlling the unnecessary use of water. If you want to flush away liquid waste, there is a button for that and if you press it, a small amount of water will come out which is ideal for flushing away liquid waste. And for solid waste, there is a different button which if pressed will release a larger amount of water hence flushing away the waste. Now you must be thinking to switch to dual flush toilets considering its environmentally friendly features but, let me tell you, if you are not successful in buying a good dual flush toilet, then it can become a real bane. You’ll end up using more water than single flush toilets! And sometime it may release a very small amount of water resulting in irritating clogs! That is why selecting a good dual flush toilet is important.

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Best dual flush toilets

  • Kohler wellworth- this toilet comes with a very efficient water saving and cleaning system. It has livers which you can set according to the type of waste. Also, it releases jet streams to faster the flushing process.
  • EAGO TB309- this toilet comes with two buttons on the top by which you can control the flow of water. It has a very sober white design which gives it a really good look. Also, it comes with a soft closing lid which means there will not be a clashing sound while you close the lid.
  • TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia- this toilet has a taller build than other toilets which makes it really ideal for elderly people. The surface area of the bowl is greater than other toilets which enables it to control the odour.

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