Flat Roofing: One Of Several Types Of Roofs That May Work For You

Are you considering replacing your roof?  If so, you will want to learn about the different types of roofs available for your home.  While your new roof can depend on many different things, one of the deciding factors will simply be the style.  While some people prefer roofs with peaks and shingles, others like a simpler look.  For those of you who like minimalism, flat roofing may be the answer that that you have been searching for.

Flat Roofing: An Overview

Even if you have never paid attention before, you would recognize a home or business with flat roofing immediately.  Instead of having a pitch like other types of roofs, a flat roof has only the slightest of slopes – if it has one at all.   Flat roofing comes in many different materials, and the best roofing companies will be able to give you the full variety of options for your home.

Different Materials For Flat Roofing

When you have decided to install a flat roof on your home or business, you will next need to know which type of material you will want used.  As buildings that utilize flat roofing have little to no slope to the roof, the type of material you use is crucial.  First and foremost, the material must be waterproof.  This is the most important part, because unlike other types of roofs, flat roofs have no way for water to flow off.  Once this has been determined, you have different choices.

Flat Roofing Materials and Styles

There are several different types of materials for flat roofing that can provide you with a water-tight roof.  Some of the most common types of roofs are:

  • Built up style – This involves several layers of tar and other water resistant materials, covered over with a layer of gravel.  It has been used for many years in roofing projects.
  • Modified bitumen – Another long-time product for roofing use, this involves a manufactured material with a mineral surface to be attached to the roof, either through melting the material directly or with a self-adhesive.

No matter what type of material you choose to have put on your roof, it is imperative that you find  a reputable contractor to do the work quickly and effectively.  When searching fro the right new york roofer make sure to ask about the flat roofing option.

When looking at the different types of roofs available to you for your home remodeling, flat roofing should not be set aside.  A cost-effective and reliable concept, flat roofs can give your home a lovely new covering.

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